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African trade delegation and Fourseas Furniture negotiate cooperation

n May 14th, an African trade delegation visited our company for a visit and exchange. Mr. He Shunxiang, President of the company, and Ms. He Xiaomei, Vice President of Administration, accompanied the reception.

The delegation provided a detailed introduction to the basic situation and various business sectors of the African project. He stated that he has been deeply rooted in Africa for many years and has adhered to the development strategy of localization and diversification since its establishment. He hopes that both sides can carry out multidimensional cooperation with depth and breadth, and make positive contributions to enhancing the friendship between China and Africa.

President He Shunxiang warmly welcomed the delegation’s visit and focused on introducing the company’s history, development strategy, and business situation. I hope that both sides can take this exchange as a starting point to further strengthen communication, promote cooperation, and achieve common development.

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