We are serious about the Fire Evacuation Drill in Year 2020.

9TH Nov., is the 29th National Fire Prevention Day in China.

In order to enhance the fire control safety management, have an overall inspection of fire control equipment, strengthen the ability of all employees’ability to organize, prevent and be flexible to deal with the fire, we held a Fire Evacuation Drill on 9th Nov.. As the key enterprise for fire prevention, we are duty-bound.

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Upon receiving the fire alarm, we rush to safe spaces as quickly as we can from our working sites.

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Although we have Fire Evacuation Drill every year, and the fire prevention knowledge emphasized by the security team are almost the same, but at the very moment, these continually repeated knowledge will be our life-saving straw.

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From theory to practice, when facing raging fire, many colleagues could actively participate in this “outfire”drill. In a word, the key point of using fire extinguisher could simplify into“take out”,“pull out”, “aim at”and “press”.

We are serious about the Fire Evacuation Drill in Year 2020. We believe Four Seas people could gain necessary fire prevention knowledge and skill from this Fire Evacuation Drill. And of course, we need to keep paying attention to fire prevention in the future, and prevent any safety risks at an early stage.

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