One-stop Hotel & Villa Furniture Solution


Professional measurement service team provide accurate measurements and installation service

Provide 2D drawings as well as 3D renderings service to ensure everything is clear

Consistent and professional service before and after order


Make Product Plans According To Budget


One-stop Furniture Service. Time-saving


Delivery And Installation Service

Customization Service

Every project we work on undergoes ten different stages that make the eventual interior look and feel as designed


Whole-House Design Consultation

Discuss about the basic information with you. It is helpful to let us know your background in detail, e.g. when the construction will be finished?


Styles Selection

You can browse our website or catalogs and tell us the styles you prefer before we work on the product plan.


Space Allocation

We need to discuss about the space allocation before we work on product plan, e.g. which area is planned to be the dining room or the living room?


Design & Quotation

2D drawings & 3D renderings are available for you to confirm the order. Designing fees will be charged accordingly.



We could send an experienced measurement service team to visit your house to assess the conditions and provide accurate measurements. Additional fees will be charged accordingly.Also, you measure the sizes by yourself. We could provide measurement guidance to you.This is to ensure we produce the right size for you.


Communication & Adjustment

After we made the design, you could check and see which items need to be changed. 


Order Confirmation & Production

Delivery date is 50~70 days after receiving deposit and the signed Proforma Invoice.
Orders could not be cancelled or changed once put into production. 


Delivery and Shipment

Our trade term is FOB Zhongshan. If you have assigned shipping agent, we could assist them to arrange the shipment.If you don’t have experience in overseas shipping, we could recommend some experienced shipping agent to you.



It is better to ask local installers for help. We could offer installation guidance to you if necessary.
And of course Four Seas could send the installation team to help you by charge if you need.


After-sales Service

If quality problems of the Four Seas’s responsibility occur within one year, you could send the photos showing the defected items to us, and we will produce the replacement of the defected parts accordingly.

Customization System

Wall panel


Storage cabinet

Walk-in closet

Study room


Loose furniture

Sliding door

Soft decoration

Strength of Four Seas customization

Flexible veneer selection


Four Seas provides a wide veneer selection for clients to design their exclusive pattern. 

Tailor made stainless steel and veneer design

We are good at veneer panel and stainless steel combination, our production could be adjusted for the special design. 

Haute overall


Customization for family honor, Haute overall customazation

Exclusive outfit


Customization for family honor, exclusive outfit 

High quality imported hardware

Imported hardware is available for selection, e. g. Blum from Germany, Slice from Italy. 

Unique painting technique

• 15 hand-made production procedures
• Anti-silver foil painting
• Over thousands times of hand-made sanding, so as to create high gloss painting.
• High temperature resistance film.

Veneer and MOP mixed technique

Veneer and MOP mixed technique

Over 5,000 completed domestic and abroad project cases


Wenchuang Wanda hotel

Location: Huadu, Guangzhou 
Items: All loose furniture
Styles: Modern

  • 未命名-8885.JPG
  • 未命名-8895.JPG
  • 未命名-8924.JPG
  • 未命名-8941.JPG
  • 未命名-9036.JPG
  • 未命名-9037.JPG
  • 未命名-9043.JPG
  • 未命名-9052.JPG
  • 未命名-9053.JPG
  • 未命名-9072.JPG
  • 未命名-9084.JPG
  • 未命名-9104.JPG
  • 未命名-9119.JPG
  • 未命名-9126.JPG
  • 未命名-9134.JPG
  • 未命名-9143.JPG
  • 未命名-9156.JPG
  • 未命名-9173.JPG
  • 未命名-9197.JPG
  • 未命名-0078.JPG
  • 未命名-0136.JPG
  • 未命名-0149.JPG
  • 未命名-0100.JPG
  • 未命名-0175.JPG
  • 未命名-0184.JPG
  • 未命名-0194.JPG
  • 未命名-0199.JPG
  • 未命名-0210.JPG
  • 未命名-0217.JPG
  • 未命名-0265.JPG
  • 未命名-0365.JPG
  • 未命名-0381.JPG
  • 未命名-0383.JPG
  • 未命名-0393.JPG
  • 未命名-0403.JPG
  • 未命名-0416.JPG
  • 未命名-0428.JPG
  • 未命名-0433.JPG
  • 未命名-0477.JPG

Wenchuang Wanda hotel

Location: Changchun, Jilin
Items: Loose furniture
Styles: Modern

Encanto Town VIP room

Location: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Items: Fixed furniture
Styles: Modern

  • 1 (1).jpg
  • 1 (2).jpg
  • 1 (3).jpg
  • IMG_20191110_120818.jpg
  • 未命名-3424.JPG
  • 未命名-3442.JPG
  • 未命名-3448.JPG
  • 未命名-3464.JPG
  • 未命名-3477.JPG
  • 未命名-3494.JPG
  • 未命名-3506.JPG
  • 未命名-3529.JPG
  • 未命名-3554.JPG
  • 未命名-3532.JPG

Private Villa

Location: Panjin, Shenyang city, Panjin province
Items: Loose & fixed furniture 
Styles: Classic

Private flat

Location: Kaili, Guizhou province
Items: Loose & fixed furniture 
Styles: Modern

  • _DSC3079.jpg
  • _DSC3090.jpg
  • _DSC3102.jpg
  • _DSC3111.jpg
  • _DSC3116.jpg
  • _DSC3145.jpg
  • _DSC3146.jpg
  • _DSC3150.jpg
  • _DSC3165.jpg
  • _DSC3181.jpg
  • _DSC3192.jpg
  • _DSC3196.jpg
  • _DSC3198.jpg
  • _DSC3208.jpg
  • _DSC3213.jpg
  • mmexport1542003552956.jpg
  • mmexport1546009351124.jpg
  • mmexport1546009362445.jpg
  • mmexport1546009366419.jpg
  • mmexport1546009369871.jpg
  • mmexport1546010169825.jpg
  • mmexport1546588629815.jpg

Office building

Location: Uzbekistan
Items: Fixed furniture
Styles: Modern


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